Alert One Unit

We are currently transitioning AlertOne customers to GreatCall.
Please see the GreatCall page to learn more about the GreatCall Program.


AlertOne Is An Emergency Response System

The Alert One unit can be a very valuable tool in times of an emergency.

The unit comes with one Alert One box (about the size 5”x8”) and a pendant to be worn around the neck or on the wrist. The red button on both the Alert One box and the pendant can be pressed for emergency assistance. The Alert One box then dials 911, in which the police dispatch will be contacted. The dispatch receives a recorded message of who the caller is, their phone number and address. The unit then becomes a two-way voice connection with the dispatch. The dispatch person will then talk with the elderly in the home asking if they are okay. If the dispatch person cannot hear anyone, they will immediately send an emergency unit to the home.

Please remind your elder or disabled family member to wear the pendant around their neck or on their wrist at all times. The pendant is waterproof.

Periodically remind the person wearing the Alert One pendant why they are wearing it around their neck, then remind them to use it in case of an emergency. We have found that in some situations, an elderly person fell down, was unable to get up but did not have the Alert One pendant around their neck.

If the red button is accidentially pressed, the Alert One unit will start to beep continually. The Alert One will need to be reset.

How to Reset Your Alert One Unit

Press the button with the circular arrow 3 times.
The date should come back on the small display on the Alert One unit. The Alert One should stop beeping. If it doesn’t, press the button with the circular arrow again 3 times again until you see the date on the display screen.
If you have any questions, please call GRTI Customer Service at 796-3333.