New Home

Congratulations on your new home!

It's exciting to think about how you will be moving into a new home soon! Your electric and water services have been constructed to your home while it was being built, but your telephone and or internet services have not. GRTI will need to do construction to physically bring the phone line to your new home. Because of this, it is important to notify GRTI of your new home as soon as construction begins. This will allow plenty of time for GRTI to go through the proper clearances and paperwork required by the Gila River Indian Community. GRTI may require different documentation based on whether your home is built on Tribal or Allotted land. Below is a brief overview of the process.

  1. Call GRTI Customer Service at (520) 796-3333 as soon as construction begins on your new home.
  2. Submit proper documents to GRTI. Please see the list below for the applications and forms required.
  3. Forms are sent to GRTI's Engineering and Construction dept. Once all of your documents have been received, your service order will get processed and sent to our Engineering department for construction. Construction is needed for all newly built homes.
  4. Installation will be scheduled. Once construction is complete, a GRTI technician will visit your home to complete the installation of your phone and any other additional services.

Forms Needed To Install Services To Your Newly Constructed Home on Tribal or Allotted Land

  • GRTI Residential Application for Service - This is required for both new and current customers. New customers: You will need to fill out the application completely, sign and return. Current customers: If keeping all of the services the same, complete the first page, and on the second page write "Keep Services The Same", sign and return. If there are any changes to services, you will need to fill out the second page completely, sign and return.
  • Service Line Agreement Form
  • Authorization For Records
  • Right-Of-Entry Permission Form
  • Physical Address Request Form from Land Use Planning GIS Department
  • Plat Maps from Land Use Planning & Zoning
  • A copy of your I.D.

Please print and fill out these forms. It is important they are all submitted in a timely manner as soon as construction begins. Additional forms or applications can be found on the Applications and Forms page.