Telephone and Internet Services

GRTI's Faster Internet Is Here

GigaCenter Unit

GRTI’s new speeds are great for larger families who need more bandwidth in the home. No need to worry about the home Internet slowing down because of too many connected devices. Here are some of the advantages of faster Internet.

  • Download large files fast.
  • Stream video in HD/4K video.
  • Game online with no delay.
  • Telecommuting is easier.
  • Multi-Party Video Conference with no lagging.

These new speeds take advantage of the GigaCenter unit. If you have a GigaCenter in your home you are eligible for these new Internet speeds. If you do not have a GigaCenter in your home, GRTI is currently working to expand fiber optic to more homes within the Community.


WIFI And Telephone Options

GRTI's Wi-Fi and telephone options make it easy for you to add to your current Internet service.

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